My Rave Reviews Book of the Month

RAVE Beviews

I was “over the moon” when my book OVER OUR HEADS was selected as one of  RAVE REVIEWS November 2015’s Book of the Month.  It came as a completely unexpected surprise.  I was overwhelmed with all the support I had from Rave Review Members, with tweets and re-tweets promoting and supporting my book.  It was an unforgettable experience.

I hadn’t involved myself much with RAVE in my first year of membership, and hung in the background.  But gradually and slowly I began to get to know other members, and now I have made so many new friends.

RAVE  has also revived my interest in reading.  As a child I was an avid reader of books (no television in those days) – first Grimm and Anderson, and then all the Edgar Rice Burrows “Tarzan” books.  Then such classics as The Coral Island, Treasure Island, The Tale of the Bounty and Two Years Before the Mast.  I loved stories about the South Seas.  I read throughout my teenage years and early adulthood, but alas my interest in reading began to wane as telly took over, and it was years before I picked up any books, except perhaps the Stephen King’s horror stories like Salem’s Lot, The Shining and Carrie.  I reckon I have read most  – if not all of his books.  I am still a keen fan.

But through RAVE I am being introduced to great new authors, and it has been such a  pleasure to read their books and to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  So my interest in reading again has been revived – and all thanks to RAVE.

And not only reading, but writing books!  I have written 4 now since my retirement.  I began writing about 20 years ago, These lay on the hard-drive of my computer for several years, ’til I was introduced to Tom Evans of Tmesis Publications.  He liked the first draft of OVER OUR HEADS and helped me over the final editing and then the publication of my first book.  If it hadn’t been for all his help and support, my book would have been like a spaceship that failed to launch!  Since then I have written two novels, “Don’t Water the Marigolds” and “In the Shade of the Shamiana,” and also another more philosophical book “Into Ourselves,” which is a sort-of follow-up of Over Our Heads; whereas the first book dealt with the physical Universe, the second is more about the Human Experience.  It is by introduction to Harmony Kent that these books took off from my hard-drive and became published books.  She did such a wonderful job with her proofing and editing, and the designing of book covers and video-trailers.  Without her help and support, these writings would have remained on my hard-drive forever.

It was she too who introduced me to RAVE Reviews, and she still continues to help me with advice and support, and has become a special friend.  She also did all the hard work of formatting my books and putting them up for sale on Amazon – both Kindle and Paperback.  My grateful thanks to her and ALL you lovely people.



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