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ooh_kindleOver Our Heads

James’ first book.

Over Our Heads explains the very big and the very small in a way people without a PhD in astrophysics or quantum physics can understand.

James Sinclair takes us on a journey from the atom, through to the DNA from which we are formed to the stars from which we came.

So, if you’ve ever looked at the stars and had trouble thinking that they are just like our Sun, then this book is for you.”

A great and very easy read which is much needed in these days where people don’t look up.

It’s a book for all ages too.

A 13 year old said about it, “Over our Heads is a very good book that is easy to understand, It gives a comprehensive insight to the galaxy yet doesn’t confuse the reader. It is very useful for beginners in astronomy. I didn’t now how interested I was in the galaxy until I read James Sinclair’s book, and after I read it, it left me thirsting for more.”

And here’s what an 89 year old said, “Astronomy is an ancient science with a huge bibliography. Most of this literature consists of books recording specific observations, data and speculation. The virtue of James Sinclair’s “Over Our Heads” is that it describes and explains astral phenomena in simple terms and in analogies to our everyday experience. Facts become real, 3-dimensional and easily understood.”


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Don’t Water the Marigolds

James’ second book …

Available in paperback and Kindle: Amazon US and Amazon UK

Blank white book w/pathDon’t Water the Marigolds

Childless widow Deirdre is living a quiet and uncomplicated life. That is, until she makes the fateful decision to take in lodgers. Flighty Sharon and her young son Kevin, soon turn her careful order into chaos.

This is a story about a quintessentially British little-old-lady, and a neglected boy. Deirdre is a woman who avoids confrontation and conflict at all costs. Kevin is a boy whom trouble finds all too easily. Thrust together by circumstances, they both have to adjust and find a way forward.

This is an amusing, at times wrenching, and heart-warming tale of two unlikely companions, who have to find a way to unite in order to face what life throws at them.

3D Book Stack ShamianaIn the Shade of the Shamiana

James’ third book…

India—that exotic land of jewels, silks, perfumes, and spices, drew many a young adventurer to that distant and alluring land.


Under British Rule, Hindus and Muslims live peaceably together. The mixed-race community—the Eurasians or Anglo-Indians—also enjoy the privileges and protection offered to them by the British—who represent an awning of shelter: A Shamiana.


In the Shade of the Shamiana, is a tale of life in 1940s British India, where class and race distinctions and discriminations abound. But times are changing, and young Jamie Donaldson finds his world turned upside-down when his school, Fernhill, closes down without warning. His mixed-race mother, Lydia, is discontented in her marriage and misses the big city, and ends up making decisions that will forever change her son’s life. Howard, the patriarch of the family, has secrets that could tear the family apart. Tensions rise as the possibility of a ‘Free India’ sparks riots and violence. Winds of change are in the air, and Jamie’s world becomes something unfamiliar, unknown, and full of challenge and turmoil.

3D book ipad iphone Shamiana

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!


Into Ourselves Kindle cover3Into Ourselves

An Exploration into the Human Experience

James’ fourth book.

Coming soon!

What makes us human?

Where did we come from?

What will be our final destination?

 Into Ourselves is an exploration into the evolution of man and the human experience. It tackles everything from Creation Theory, The Big Bang, Heroes, Myths, and Legends, Wars and Conflicts, our many and various religions, to the achievements of the human race. As well as taking a look at where we’ve come from, it also looks at space exploration and the possibilities for our future. This small volume brings you interesting information in nice, bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest. If you’ve ever wanted to know a little bit about everything, without having to study hard, then this little gem will not disappoint.


8 thoughts on “My Books

  1. First of all I would like to congratulate you Uncle James for the publication of your 4th book titled Into Ourselves. I have gone through the introduction and would definitely order one as soon as the lockdown is lifted.I am more interested in your ‘In The Shade Of The Shamiana ‘(Canopy) in which you have given some touches of family history I guess.


  2. Hello James my name is Audrey Flynn My Mum was called Nellie Flynn she passed way on the 12th of February this year an in her belongings I found your book A way out Which I throughly enjoyed in the book it made me feel it was ment for me to read I couldn’t put it down I also noticed you had Signed the book for mum an I also noticed you used the name Nellie in the book an Flynn it made me chuckel My mum was a very Special Lady an our Queen we miss her dearly


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